It is not easy for the soul to start its journey towards stillness in the midst of all the body has to do: eat, drink, sleep, wake up, and the nature of the life cycle. On top of that we tend to have bad eating habits which damage the purity of the soul, tire our body, and limit its mobility. A spiritual cleansing at the Magic Spring will help you to find inner and outer peace. We support this process through the kinds of products that we serve our guests. All meals are prepared with produce from the fertile oases surrounding the resort. Everything is natural, organic, and healthy – far from industry, artificial colors, and harmful additives. At any moment you can pick with your own hands whatever you desire. Or you can ask one of our farmers to harvest it for you. Here you can enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, and that in its authentic forms.

You have access to a private garden in which you can plant and pick fruits and vegetables. Or you can simply enjoy the view of the rich earth and all it has to offer. You will enjoy the experience of pure taste. Your body can free itself from all disturbances. And this, in turn, will prepare the way for a calmer soul.