Bubbles rise from an unknown depth. They are pushed to the surface with the force of an arrow. The Magic Spring looks like a small pond. Its colors range from that of brick to a natural green. As you look more closely you notice how unique the water is in the middle of the spring where it is smoky and white. This color is caused by the water that is pushing upwards and that mixes with big and small bubbles of gas that are constantly sparkling from the ground. The water is comfortably warm. It embraces the body. The ground consists of gold-colored sand that gently caresses the feet. When you go for a swim and get closer to the middle, you will first be surprised by the sudden decline of the ground and then by the feeling of being lifted, a feeling of weightlessness. You will be tempted to repeat this experience again and again. And why don’t you try closing your eyes once and enjoying the sound of the gas bubbles as they burst – a unique music that cannot be heard anywhere else.