In the desert words are scarce. Silence covers everything. The human gaze is unlimited, the senses are opened and find back to themselves. The soul, too, slowly finds its way back to its original purity, which is so easily forgotten and buried under the noise of our everyday lives. How good it feels to take a break from the everyday, to pause at the threshold of time, and to dive into a horizon that is carried only by its vastness. How good it feels to put aside your watch and to make the sun your true clock. How good it feels to turn off your cellphone and to turn yourself into the authentic means of communication for the limitless.

Each one of us needs to renew the damaged connection to her soul, to make peace with what is buried under the noise of civilization, and to build anew a basis for a fuller connection to what lies inside of us as well as to the entire cosmos.

We enable you to have this experience. Retreat and give yourself some space. Take a deep breath, far from all that has been weighing down on you. Take a break. Stand in front of the gates of the cosmos and contemplate or meditate or simply ask for a new connection to the simplicity of true life.

Get to know yourself anew and put down the foundation for making peace with yourself. Stop the wheel of life and take a deep breath. Open your senses and discover them anew. Open your gaze and free yourself from its limited view. Widen your gaze and search for what lies beyond the horizons. Search in the color, the sand, or the gentle ripples of the waves on the lake.

Life… Let your eyes distinguish between the countless colors and you will find a horizon whose adornment changes from orange sunrises to pink sunsets to pitch-black nights to a moon that seems even larger in this endless vastness.

Rediscover your sense of hearing. Listen for the sound of life in the chirping of the birds and the cooing of the pigeons and the songs of migrating birds. It is unique. Prick up your ears and listen to the songs of peace which the wind sings above the sand.

Rediscover your sense of smell. Breathe in the pure air, far from all pollution. Take a deep breath and enjoy the festival of scents as it unfolds. Over time you will learn to perceive different smells: pure peppermint, a shy flower by the lake, the water by the banks of the lake that smells of fertility, the smell of warmth spread by the sunrise.

Rediscover your skin. Put your hand into the sand. Feel it.

Atomic movements cause cold and warmth. Feel that your hand and the sand are one and the same and that you come from the womb of the earth and not from a place behind concrete and cement.

Free your senses. Get to know yourself anew, in a completely new way. In the oasis you learn how to make peace with yourself and how to love yourself.