Magic Spring Lodge draws together a collection of experiences which all build on the rich experience that this place offers its visitors.
On the one hand, there is the authentic experience rooted in Sheikh Abd Elhamid, a leader of the Bedouin tribe of Duhus. This tribe has played a fundamental role in making use of Magic Spring and highlighting its benefits. It also has much experience in the effective and unique therapeutic powers of sand and water.
On the other hand, there is the modern, scientific experience of the other staff members and of a younger generation of locals. They, too, are well aware of the nature of this place and the importance of energy for spiritual and physical healing.
By drawing together these different sets of expertise, we were able to realizewhat we have long dreamed of. We are able to offer you a complete picture of this unique place – a place filled with secrets and charged with positive energy needed to purify body and soul.