1. Meditation hall for music and  or meditation.
 2. Art workshop offering the use of desert materials, as sand, clay or stone.
 3. Health club offering sand burials and or massages.
 4. Table tennis  and billiard.
 5. Reading room with small library.
 6. TV-room.
 7. Bazaar with local products.
 8. Free use the magic spring
 9. Telescope to watch the sky at night.
10. Desert safaris for one or more days ( on foot, camel or by SUV).
11. Private trips .
12. Rowing  a boot and angling on the adjacent lake.
13. The opportunity to take part in the life of an Egyptian farmer.
14. Guided bike trips.
15. W_LAN is provided.
16.The whole lodge is largely barrier free. one chalet is handicap- accessible.
17. Groups,that organize their own workshops are welcome.
18. There is the possibility for camping.